I know everyone has been obsessed with the Eli Clare post recently (it’s our most reblogged for some reason) but I’d urge everyone to please read this blog entry. For this post, I’m stepping outside my usual writings of QF to talk more specifically to larger issues of racism and injustice going on at multiple levels in the state of California and the US as a whole. Some of my comrades and close friends went to support an occupation of the California State Capitol with members of the California Teacher’s Association as well as anti-war activists. Police have about half of the group from UC Santa Cruz, some of whom are low income students of color as well as undocumented folk, in custody. This link is to help contribute to the legal fees they may be facing. Please donate anything you can, and if you can’t donate, please spread this around as much as you can.

For more information about the UCSC Ethnic and Critical Race studies group please visit http://ucscethnicstudies.wordpress.com/

With love and solidarity,


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